Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What are the various Classroom Courses offered?

Various courses are offered:
Foundation Course for IX and X students.
Target Course for XI and XII students.

Q.2. Do you have any crash courses?

It is announced at least 4 months before the scheduled entrance exam.

Q.3. What medium do you opt for any course at SCC?

Classes are conducted in both English and Hindi Medium.

Q.4. Is there any preparation for NCERT and Board exams along with the preparation of competitive exam.

Yes, our course material is developed accordingly as well as board pattern test are conducted during the session.

Q.5. What are the class timings for Students?

We have two batches one in morning and another in evening. However the you may be informed about the updated schedule through call.

Q.6. Class timings will be in morning and evening only or you will schedule classes at odd timings also, like till late night or early morning?

The class timings will be either morning or evening. NO classes in late night or early morning will be scheduled.

Q.7. What is the duration of classes at SCC?

Duration for each batch is of 2-3 hours.

Q.8. I am taking admission but I am not able to attend class from first day, are there any revision classes at SCC where I can cover topics that are covered till date?

No, there are no revision classes at SCC. Though we have facility of doubt class and recorded video lectures on YouTube where students can clear their doubts and cover remaining topics.

Q.9. What are the timings of doubt classes?

Teachers may inform about the doubt sessions at weekends.

Q.10. Are there any extra classes at SCC?

As such extra classes are not a part of Classroom Courses, but some extra classes may be conducted on valid requirements as decided by faculties.

Q.11. How do you communicate results to parents?

Student performance report will be available on SCC website and may also be communicated to the Parents on the mobile no. given by them in the Application Form.

Q.12. Are there any motivation session for students?

SCC conducts motivational sessions in which faculties interact with students and motivate student for their future targets and address them on common problems.

Q.13. Do I need to bring any books with me when I come to SCC?

SCC provides you complete study material that is developed in accordance to NCERT syllabus.

Q.14. How will student be able to synchronize between the school and SCC for 11th and 12th?

During the academic session in 11th and 12th class, NCERT based syllabus will be covered at SCC also.

Q.15. How my ward will come to know about various competitive exams while studying in SCC. Is there any assistance in Form Filling?

Students will be informed on notice boards and in their classrooms.

Q.16. What will be the duration of courses and when the classes will end?

The course duration is of 10 month and after course completion Major Tests will start.

Q.17. Will the students get vacations for school examinations?

The regular classes will end before starting of school exams and the students can prepare well and stay at home during examinations. Students will be notified for class ending dates.

Q.18 What if my ward is not able to make balance with your schedule?

If your ward is facing any problem regarding the schedule he/she can talk with their respective mentors and that will be resolved.

Q.19. My ward hesitates in asking question, how will he overcome that?

At SCC we encourage students to ask doubts.

Q.20. If a student has opted for both Biology and Mathematics then will you provide coaching for both the subjects?

Student can enroll either for PCB or PCM. However doubts can be cleared in any one of the subjects Bio or Math.